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franksonnetti they have special winter ones? I had no idea lol, at the back behind the knees is a problem area

anahumairah lool how long did that take

  • I dream of non iron thobes

  • Bruh I was on ur blog till like half two yday. Is you proud of yourself

    Yes I saw all the notifications, you made me feel speshul ~

  • aaaaa42:

    did you click on my blog expecting “jokes”?? Fool. I am the joke

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  • Eat(ing) dis order of fries

  • repeals:

    "Tumblr is literally all my thoughts i never say combined onto a dashboard."

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  • Over sized tees are in ok

    Over sized tees are in ok

  • fakings:

    who needs a social life when you have followers who don’t talk to you and you run a blog no one cares about

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  • lies will always be lies no matter how white they are

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  • When you try your best, but you don’t succeed

  • lamapalooza:

    *sniffs air*
    who unfollowed me

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  • My mum calls slugs “chikry dohi” which literally translates to slimy (old) lady

  • i have none.


  • your crazy :p

    Tell your friends

  • alzix:

    I live in constant fear of being shit on by a bird

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