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not stoned, just slightly pebbled

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  • Sunday


  • holdontoyourkufi:

    You walk, you walk,

    You try your best,

    To avoid the edge,

    But then that guy drives past,

    Its a puddle,

    N ur hella wet.

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  • refreshes:




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  • Thinking of jumping ship

  • dialupmodem:

    it’s hard to be swaggie in this economy 

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  • When she say she wants a bad boy

  • goldenclitoris:

    when u know u mama mad at u but u gotta walk past her to get food from the kitchen

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  • Holdontoyourkufi ay

    Holdontoyourkufi ay

  • I had to walk through a wedding to get to indoor football. It’s a good thing it was at 9, if it had been any earlier it would have been bare awks.

  • There’s no such thing as lying to yourself if you truly believe it to be true

  • You unfollow me because you’re afraid of falling in love with me, I know

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  • realisthijabi:

    Guy: I didn’t trip over my thobe, I fell for you.



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  • waluiqi:

    tryna post a selfie like


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