Instagram ur a joke
That "twat" something something kufi lol
That "twat" something something kufi lol

Dissing me is all she does tbh, 

I may have fallen face first on concrete once but thats besides the point

  • swooshmami:

    White privilege is finding your name on a Coke bottle

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  • If you aint ride or die, you can get out me car

  • catswithbenefits:

    i dont want a job i just want paychecks

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  • lameborghini:

    gaining followers at the speed of something really slow

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  • I will draw anybody who reblogs this


    let’s see if this works. Will tag you in it once I’m finished.

    Please make sure I can find your face under a tag or click through. I can’t draw you if I can’t find your face.

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  • I can understand urdu perfectly but i cannot string a sentence together lol wth is wrong with me

    So that urdu challenge is a no sorry

  • I was doing a lot of driving today and I seized every opportunity I could at saying “Get out me car” and “Broom Broom”

  • beerito:

    follow for more complaining

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  • Me: Mum I've got a headache

    Mum: Have a paracetamol

    Me: Mum I've got a third degree burn

    Mum: Have a paracetamol

    Me: Mum I've got cancer

    Mum: Have a paracetamol

    Me: *Appears infront of mother as a ghost after death* I am your son

    Mum: Have a paracetamol

  • nonchalante:

    I wish I could give a beggar my eyes so he can see that this dunya has nothing to offer. 

  • Sure the masajids are full and Muslims in ibadah are many, but very rarely you come across Muslims good in character

  • Thobe off, hobo mode on

  • landorus:

    my #1 turn on is fast downloading

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  • Was gonna put a selfie on insta but I can’t be having more than one on a single row you know